Child Safety and Injury Prevention

Product Safety

Kids In Danger
 is an A+ organization dedicated to safety in products for children.  Every parent should read the product hazards portion of the website.  Not only are there updates on recalled products, but products with dangerous track records that have yet to be recalled.

Check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s “Most Wanted” Recall List.  Don’t be caught with these items in your home.

Teach Your Kids to Use Their Heads – Wear Helmets

Did you know that your child should wear a helmet for the following activities:  football, hockey, lacrosse, batting in T-ball, baseball and soccer, bicycling, BMX cycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, roller skating, in-line skate, skateboarding, ATV riding, dirt biking, mini-bike riding, motocrossing, moped riding, scooter riding, go-karting, snowmobiling, horseback riding, rock climbing, sledding and ice skating.

See this link from the CPSC for information about which helmets to wear with each particular activity.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth When Playing Sports

Keeping Your Kid’s Teeth Safe in Sports Parent’s guide to protecting your child’s teeth, as well as what to do in a dental emergency.