AAKP Telemedicine Instructions

  1. Call the front office about 10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment. This is the most important step. If you fail to check-in within 10 minutes of your telemedicine appointment, it will be considered a no show and you will be asked to reschedule. It is the parent’s responsibility to call and check-in; the front office and nurses will not call you. From here, we will verify insurance information and collect any applicable copays. Then, we will connect to our nurse line, where they will do their normal “in-office” work up prior to logging in.
  2. From your appropriate device, log onto “” and you will be taken to the All About Kids virtual waiting room. Telemedicine cannot be held via phone call. All Telemedicine appointments will be held by means of video chat. In turn, we ask that you have access to a webcam and a strong WiFi connection.
  3. Once you have logged in, please type in your name. Your provider will begin the consultation from here. Reminder: Our providers are working diligently to accommodate both in-office and Telemedicine appointments in a timely manner. Telemedicine appointments are not treated any differently than your typical in office visit. The provider will likely be seeing patients in office prior to your scheduled Telemedicine appointment.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!  

Please Note: If your Telemedicine appointment is for ADHD, Asthma, or Anxiety- we ask that you complete the assigned CHADIS surveys. CHADIS questionnaires will be assigned to you the day before your appointment. The CHADIS questionnaires are imperative to your child’s care and we require them to be completed prior to the appointment, otherwise, we will ask that you reschedule to a later date.

If your Telemedicine appointment is for a Rash or Dermatology concern, we ask that you upload pictures via MyChart. These pictures need to be of good quality with good lighting and as many angles as possible. For help with setting up MyChart please call the office.